The dirtiest job of all




Replaced Syd’s CV joints (these take the power from the engine and drive the rear wheels; interestingly they allow the axle to move in any direction while wheels spin). The rubber boots almost always roach after 30-40 years. Dirtiest job yet. Joints are packed with molybdenum grease, black and slippery. Turn things the wrong way and all the ball bearings fall out.

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  1. Susan Chilton

    Hi there DrD–Patient at COE (Bob Brody) and ERFYT follower since first edition of first book.

    And to the point–owner/operator of a 1950+ Kharmann Ghia (British Tan, convertible) when in HS and college 1960’s. Wish I still had that car.

    I am having so much fun with kdf20. Following your restorations and this blog site gives me so much pleasure. Guess I’ve always been a car geek of sorts. Living vicariously. Thank you for giving me/us a peek into this part of your life.

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