Finishing up

Been a while since my last Syd update. Actually, a lot has happened. Almost all functionality has returned, with the noticeable exception of the gas gauge, which has been vexing in its intransigence. Moreover, the convertible top has been installed and despite the dire warnings of many on the internet, it wasn’t too bad, although you do need two people at certain times.





The prior owner used Scat seats and panels. They’re OK (not great fit in the panels). The redeeming feature is that they are white-white which is what the Girlfriend wanted.

Here is the reconstituted dash with a new retro style radio that allows you to hook up your iPhone for tunes.


This is the new convertible top down.


And up.


In summary, Syd was in bad, bad shape, and not a reasonable candidate for restoration. However its very condition allowed me to experiment and learn new techniques that I would have been unable to use on a higher stakes project. And, to cap it all off, the final product came out pretty good!



I think The Girlfriend likes it.

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