‘Bow Wow II’ is a 1973 Super Beetle, done in the iconic orange and black. It was given to me by The Girlfriend as a 50th birthday gift in 2006. It was designed to mimic as closely as possible the original Super Beetle (Bow Wow I) of my youth.


The name ‘Bow Wow’ comes from the name of the main parts supplier I used to use in Seattle, Bow Wow Auto Parts. They used to give out these cool stickers with their logo when you purchased something:



You can just make out the Bow Wow sticker on Bow Wow I’s engine hood, near the license plate in the photo below.


Bow Wow I somewhere on the Oregon coast, 1982.


Bow Wow II was in pretty good shape and thus a fun easy entry back into VW restoration. Minor rust issues, some engine optimization, tie-rod replacement.


I eventually had to sell Bow Wow II for the same reasons that I had to let go of Westy: No storage capability. In both cases they were being kept on a back driveway at our house that was unpaved. Because the ground was often wet it would have not been long before the rust began to creep back in; which would not have been fair to the cars. Bow Wow II was sold to a delightful couple that was the perfect mix for it: a husband who like to ratchet a bit, and a wife who had always wanted a VW Beetle.


STATUS: Complete