‘There’s too much infinity.’

2018 has shown up with a vengeance. The thermometer straddles 0 degrees F. However the KdF lab is comfortable and toasty due to the nifty HVAC system that I had installed when I purchased the building (more on that in a subsequent blog). Anyway, Sys is progressing satisfactorily, with some electrical issues straightened out (and some not), most of the interior carpet down, the dashboard refurbished and most of the exterior lighting assembled.

I painted Syd with an alkyd enamel that I bought at Tractor Supply. I think most people use this stuff to paint their tractors and farm implements. Probably not a great choice; although with its hardener added it is pretty tough, when thinned and sprayed alkyd tends to be ‘runny’ so it was a tough balance between enough to get good coverage and surface shine and enough to trigger a drip.

By and large I’m happy about the finish, although when it comes to Wolfgang, the 57 Oval, I’m going to outsource the media blasting and paint job. It’s just too much for space.

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