KdF stands for Kraft-durch-Freude-Wagen (‘Strength Through Joy Car’), the  ponderous name of the original Volkswagen Beetle given by the German Nazi government in 1938. 20 is the street address of the garage (20 Siemon Street) in Black Rock, a neighborhood of Bridgeport, Connecticut.


The building was originally used as a furniture refinishing factory. Later it was the site of a custom embroidery company for many years. When I first purchased the building, it was in terrible condition; it had extensive water damage; no functioning heating system (despite two furnaces), it was full of wood dust. However the building as good structurally (‘good bones’ in the words of the inspector) so I went for it, with the support of my wife Martha (‘the girlfriend’) and best friend Bob Messineo.


‘Leggy Mountbatten’ is my nom de plume while working at KdF.  Leggy was an actual real fantasy character in the Monty Python Beatles parody ‘The Rutles’.