1962 VW ‘Sundial’ Camper Bus ‘Dino’

Just before the Pandemic hit, The Girlfriend and I took a ride down to City Island, New York to check out a very rare split window bus that was converted into an early camper by the California-base EZ Camper Company. The bus was being offered by the owner of a boat yard, who also collected rare and odd automobiles. As a way of back story, this bus was featured in an episode of American Pickers (‘A Bronx Tale’). However the shows stars elected to pass on it. I have always wanted a split window early bus. I suppose you cannot get a more iconic symbol of the 1960’s and the ‘Hippie” aesthetic.

The bus was from California, so although it had a lot of surface rust, it was fairly good structurally. However it was obviously ‘lived in’ by folks who must have has some great times with it (the front passenger windshield has a variety of stickers from ‘Lake Peru,’ wherever that is.

Here’s me and The Girlfriend checking it out. Note the plank of wood as extra protection. The front of the bus was stoved in where the top bumper bar (the so-called ‘dishrag holder’ was pressed into the nose. Note the very consistent rust on the roof.

Here it is back at KdF, getting ready for a disinternment.

The unbeatable look of a timeless avatar.

Dig the artificial bearskin slip covers!


A look at six decades of entropy.

Well, let’s get at it!

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