Prom Night

I ‘bench tested’ Syd’s 1600 dual port engine today. This was the engine that had almost been entirely consumed in an engine fire.

This was kind of a do or die moment, as this engine was the first one that I had ever overhauled from splitting the case on out. New pistons, jugs, push rods tube, etc. On advantage of having the body split from the chassis was that I could ‘bench test’ the engine in a far more accessible environment.

After letting the engine crank for ten seconds without the ignition coil being connected to the battery (this is to build up oil pressure) I connected the coil and jumped the starter. A few burps, coughs, and hiccups, and the engine began to fire. Soon she was on fire like a 16 year old at prom night. VW engines are amazing. This girl idled beautifully and revved up big-time despite not having any adjustments to the carburetor or having been timed.

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