Although we just picked up Syd, the rust bucket VW Beetle ’79 ragtop, the opportunity to restore a 1957 ‘Oval’ bug could not be resisted. This one is in Minnesota, and was reasonably priced. Some heater channel and spare tire well rot, and the floor pans are gone, but for a 60-year old car, it’s not too bad. Original fenders, seats, and bumpers. Engine is a working 1300 cc (probably circa 1960’s) versus what would have been the original 36hp 1192cc.


Shipping ‘Wolfgang’ was a bit of a challenge. Many auto shippers are quite unreliable. Fortunately, on the ‘Samba’ (the main VW forums) many people had positive experiences with one shipper and so did we.


I place to commence restoration sometime after the new year (2018).


STATUS: In my collection, awaiting restoration

AVAILABILITY: Not for sale