Matching shirt and tie

Syd is moving along. Most body parts have been rattle-can primed and test fitted. A new wiring harness was ordered and installed. This was a bit tricky due to the fact that the 1979 model year had a fuel injected engine, which at some point in the car’s history was swapped out for a more well-supported dual port carbureted motor. This model had what I believe is an ‘internally regulated’ alternator, versus the more basic generator seen with the early ’70s carburetor engines. Turns out that a wiring harness designed for the 1973 Super Beetle was most appropriate.

The wiring under the dash was a rat’s nest of four decades of cuts and splices, and was so dirty that I had to spray a degreasing compound on the wires just to make out their colors.

Was not terribly certain about the whole thing, but when I hooked everything up and turned the key the engine did turn over!

Next I’ll connect the fuel line at the back and pump some brake fluid into brake lines and bleed the system. At that point the car should start, idle, steer and stop, which would allow my to drive up and down the quiet street the garage is on and be able to work on fine tuning things.

Once the mechanicals are reliable, I’ll spray some paint, restore all the rubber seals, glass and begin the interior restoration. Finally, there will be the issue of the convertible top. Lots more to come!


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