The Return of Function


Joined the upper (body shell) and lower (chassis) halves of Syd together. Now at least I can roll her around.



Back luggage shelf/ engine firewall. All of this had to be rebuilt. The silver stuff is ‘Peel and Seal’ roof patch from Lowes Hardware store. Great inexpensive sound deadening stuff.



A shot of the floorpans. The originals were rusted out and replaced with cardboard in some areas. These pans are ‘one size fits all’ because VWs were so consistent over the years, but the convertibles are about the least like any of the other Beetles so I had to cut the crap out of these to make them fit. However I’m told that is fairly typical. Front firewall. In its original state, you’d have seen daylight at the lower footwells.


Rebuilt engine sits proudly surrounded by covered things I routinely bang my head and shins on.


Starting to get somewhere.


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